Brazilian Melo claims that Messi is more complete than Ronaldo

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both the greatest football players on the planet but the Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo has opinion who is better.

This question will never have a definitive answer, only a collection of arguments for each player’s greatness and questionable attempts from ‘fan boys’ to shoot the other party down.

Felipe Melo said,”Messi is a unique player.” “If we didn’t, it was too difficult to mark him.

Melo said,”When Brazil played against Argentina we used to say ‘we have to kick him once each, we have to rotate’. We didn’t want to break him, just to cut his rhythm and to disturb him – it was tactical.”

Melo said”Messi is incredible more than C. Ronaldo.” “Ronaldo can score five goals for you, but Messi can score those five and then make his teammates score as well. He’s more complete.”

Ronaldo has scored five goals in one game on two separate occasions, while Messi has only achieved the feat once.

Both their careers stats are great but, Messi currently has 70 more assists than Ronaldo.

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